Tuesday, June 6, 2017

topsail island - part II

One nice thing about going this week was that Ryan and I's anniversary landed smack in the middle :)

Nine years with this guy = AMAZING! 
I really can't believe that he chose me. Ryan has such a gentle spirit, which pairs perfectly with my often sensitive soul. He's smart, works hard for our family, and is such a supreme example for our boys. Couldn't be more grateful to do life with him!

We had a fun afternoon and evening together! We decided to go on a "do date" and went kayaking in the afternoon. It was fun, but my arms were so tired by the end!! We went out for 2 hours during nap time and that was plenty! haha

We got back, showered, and headed out to dinner at Daddy Mac's Beach Grille. There was a big storm coming in, but we still got to sit on the deck and enjoy the ocean storm winds breeze :) It rained the rest of the night {boooo}, but we made the best of it! 
The boys had a blast with Grammy and Pop Pop! My Mom was in charge of putting Penn down to bed and he slept until 8:30am the next morning - a far cry from the 6am wake up call he's been putting out recently!! I need to have her around more often for bedtime.

And just like that we're already onto Thursday...our week is more than half over! It was SO windy this day, beautiful and sunny, but windy. Poor Keaton tried to walk on the beach, but was afraid of the wind {me too} so we decided to head to a playground and the dollar store for entertainment :)

Ryan found a great park for the boys, Stump Sound Park, that was inland a bit and not nearly as windy :)

 The boys had it all to themselves and loved it! 

Also, Keaton wears his Daniel Tiger shirt basically every single day. I bought it in 2 different sizes and he just alternates between the 2...I really need to do laundry less frequently so some of his other shirts stand a chance at getting worn!
The dollar store was a major hit! Keaton got to pick 3 things because he's 3 years old ;0) One of the things he chose was a bag of ring pops...smart little guy. It took him 3 days to eat it though...just a little lick here and there! He also chose a blue pool noodle and little blue ball. Penn chose a doll baby {haha..he found it and wouldn't put it down or stop kissing it} and bubbles.

My parents went out this night and so it was just the 4 of us hanging out. We went out on our bedroom deck where it wasn't nearly as windy and the sun was just beautiful!

 Always looking for a way out...
 Just love love love spending time with all 3 of my best guys!
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