Tuesday, May 30, 2017

life lately - outside edition

Saturday night we got back from a week at the beach and so now we're all going through vacation detox.

It's a real thing. Happens to me every time.

I'll write and post a ridiculous amount some pictures from our trip in the next week or so! I love looking back at old posts and relive all the fun we had!!

Apart from a big road/beach trip, life continues to be busy, but fairly quiet. As quiet as it can with 2 little boys ;0)

We're all relieved the weather has warmed up a bit and the boys LOVE being outside!! 

It was so cute watching them play "catch" together on the deck - Keaton kept saying "so close" every time he tossed it to Penn and it fell.

Four wheelin' together :)
 Off they go!
We're having a cold and rainy stretch now, but a few weeks ago we got to get out the water table and pool! 
Penn loves to play in the water - thought the splash table was a pool!! I got out the baby pool next ;0)
And then all clothes came off...including all of Keaton's. Even the undies. He likes to be a free bird. Bahahaha
"We want to swing, MOM!" When they swing, Keaton sings and Penn claps - it's a win win.
Add in lots of bubbles, tricycle rides, throwing rocks and sidewalk chalk and that about wraps up the outside fun! 

We're about 2 shakes away from being completely ready for summer.... anyone have suggestions for sunblock that is good for very sensitive skin?? We tried Babyganic and Aveeno baby and they both made Keaton's eczema flare up. 

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