Wednesday, April 5, 2017

weekend trip and sound tigers 5k

Is it Wednesday already?!? Oh my. Where have these days gone??

We just got back {on Sunday!} from a short trip up north to Bridgeport, Connecticut! We left Friday, right after Keaton's morning preschool class and stayed until mid-morning Sunday.

It was a miserable rainy mess during our entire drive up on Friday. Traffic was awful and it took 2 hours longer than it did going home. The boys were amazing the entire drive! No crying. No fussing. A little sleeping, snacking, ONE stop, and the Peanuts movie.

At our one pit stop....this is probably how I look when I'm walking into a public bathroom too. Keaton is currently not a fan of public bathrooms. According to him they are "too loud." I wish that was my only complaint. 
My 2 duckies killing time while we wait for Daddy. 
We got to the hotel, ate some take-out Chinese, and then went to the indoor pool! Duh!! When you're almost 3 a hotel pool is the.coolest.thing. Keaton would not stop talking about it. It was amazing. Him, not the pool. I hate hotel pools. haha
A quick bath, fun bed snuggles, and both boys were down.
The next day we had signed up to run a local 5k. Ryan and I are working toward running a 5k in all 50 states and so we got to check CT off our list! 

We thought we might get lucky and get a nice, warm early April weekend, but it was cold and windy. Like really cold and windy. Like I'm pretty sure all the smart, really fast runners just stayed home. 

The race was at a big arena, so we could wait inside with the boys until the start. That was a life saver because it kept us all from freezing straight through before we actually started. The boys got a little antsy, but did awesome during the race!! I had them bundled up so much I'm not sure either of them could move :)
I pushed for the first mile and Ryan pushed for the last 2...against the wind. It was awful. I don't know how he did it! I took over for a tiny bit, but then had to hand it back. Here we are with a little over 1/2 mile to go. We're passing this guy :) Who then passed us right near the end. I'll just add...he was the only person to pass us. haha
The boys beat us in the stroller {again} and got donuts at the end :)
They weren't even tired! 
 Penn just cracks me up! He loves people and as soon as we got him out of that stroller he was mingling with people gathering around after the race. He would just walk into the middle of a group and stand there looking up at every one, like was part of the gang. hahaha
We headed back to the hotel for quick showers, breakfast, and then were off to the PEZ factory!

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The Kindergarten Explorer said...

I love catching up with your adorable little family! Kudos to you both for running those races with the boys in the stroller!

Glad to be back in blog land, and can't wait to see what your family is up to next!


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