Sunday, March 19, 2017

snow day

Well...we finally got some snow! It's been so mild here all winter and then Tuesday we got 18"! Woohoo! I was ready for a few white days :) 

Ryan was able to stay home with us Tuesday, which made it so much better! I think this is maybe the 2nd snow day where he hasn't had to trek into work.

Keaton was so excited to go outside...and I was excited to use the $9 snow suit and jacket I found for him on clearance a couple of months ago {thanks Walmart}! haha

A little fuzzy, but he had no time to stand still for pictures.
 I waited until Ryan had most of the driveway shoveled so the boys could actually walk around. Penn did okay, but could hardly move. His little boots weighed as much as him 0:-)
Keaton was so funny - he walked right over to play with the big kids on our street {he's on the bottom right corner}. He tends to be very shy, so it was neat to see him join in! 
Love my big helper!!

K lasted a long time outside before his hands got cold. It's hard to have fun when your hands are hurting from the cold! When I took him out later in the afternoon he didn't want to stay long because he was just too cold! The novelty wore off pretty quick. The next day, Ryan was back at work and so we brought the snow inside to play :) 

We did this earlier in the year and last year and it worked like a charm!

Penn was more interested in carrying around the snow "tools" than actually playing in the snow.  

 Now that we have a good snow storm out of the way....we're ready for spring!! :) 

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lharris said...

I am pretty sure Ryan had a coat exactly like the one Keaton is wearing!! Does he remember it?

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