Thursday, March 16, 2017

mid-march happenings

I can't believe we're already in the middle of March! 

Like my "Day in the Life" post - nothing extraordinary going on here, just regular life with little kids! Calm one second and crazy the next.

Keaton has really gotten into these superhero capes his Aunt Kasie and Uncle Darren got him for's so funny! Usually he's "Super Keaton" and I'm "Super Mommy" and we run around the basement....
Or he sings "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of his his undies. Be still my heart.
Fun fact: Ryan loves a good freebie from McDonald's. The other day they had free shamrock shakes with a purchase, so K got an ice cream sundae {he didn't eat it all!!} and I got a cone. 

Another fun fact: Keaton and I love sprinkles on our ice cream so I leave a container in the van for times like this; Mcdonald's doesn't have sprinkles!
I'm looking out the window at a foot of snow right now, but last week it was gorgeous outside! 
We had to hit the park!
And have snack outside! 
You'll notice a little dog somewhere in every picture with food. He doesn't leave the kids alone when they eat. It's both convenient {for cleaning up the crumb mess on the floor} and annoying {eating it out of their hands}.
When you wake up to early from your nap. 
 Or from bed in the morning. 
With the freezing cold temps, the boys and I have made a weekly outing to Chocolate World a "must do" on our list. This picture is fuzzy...but Keaton is looking and smiling :) !!
Typical brother scene in our house these days. This time it's Penn bugging playing with Keaton, but it goes the other way too.
There's generally a decent amount of crying and yelling over toys and whatnot, but really they play together very well and have been laughing and getting into mischief together, which honestly I just love. 
I got a few new bathing suits in the mail this past week and was trying them on; Keaton wanted to try one on too. This one was cute, but looked better on Keaton! haha They allllll went back 0:-)
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