Friday, March 3, 2017

day in the life

I just love reading when other moms do these posts, so I thought I should do one! I look back at SO many of my'll be fun to look back and see what a day looked like in our house with an almost 2 year old and almost 3 year old!

Friday, March 3
Keaton : 2 years 10 months
Penn : 22 months

Up and on the treadmill for a 3 mile run. I try to run either on the treadmill or outside at least 3x a week. I hate running anytime after the morning works the best for me. If I don't do it first thing there's a 95% 100% chance I won't do it. I've tried other times in the day, but I just always feel awful. I'm definitely a morning person, so this works.
Quick shower, make-up, and a little bit of looking into some things for our May beach vacation before the boys start to wake up. I had planned to read a bit in the Joshua study we're doing in my life group, but will wait until nap. Everyone is starting to move...
 Boys are both up around 6:50 and I head up to get them at 7. Keaton is excited to see me, but not my hair down. I'm greeted with "ohhh Mommy! HEY! PUT YOUR HAIR UP!" Yes, he yelled it at me. Good morning to you too. Penn was much more pleasant and full of smiles :)

Ryan worked night shift this day, so he's just getting home. Everyone is more than excited to see Daddy before he goes to bed. Daddy is basically a celebrity in our house these days!

Breakfast for the boys...Keaton has eaten and is gone by now.
And me. I'm so fancy with my bright orange plastic plate. Also, that's an english muffin with 1/2 cream cheese & 1/2 peanut butter. Judge me if you'd like, but it's amazing and something I look forward to every morning. And if that big bite doesn't demonstrate the way to eat it, I'm not sure what does - a little of each.
The boys "played blocks" while I ate and read some emails.
Then Keaton insisted I play ball with him. He's been acting out a lot of what he sees on Daniel Tiger, so it was animal ball this time. Four minutes later Penn walked by with toilet paper dragging from his foot...
So then I cleaned that up :) 
The boys fought played a bit more...
 Waved to the garbage truck guys...
 And then we started to get ready to go to Walmart. We've been potty training Keaton all week, so I decided today was a good day to venture out and see how he did. Just a little time on the potty to make sure there was no #2 ready to come out as soon as we got in the car. haha

Both boys ate their way through Walmart :) Keaton actually got out and walked around with me for a while and it was so cute. He stayed right by me and said "CUSE ME" to every single person we walked by. I mean...bless his heart. It was ADORABLE.
 For using good manners, staying with me, and having dry pants all through the store he earned himself a donut! Donuts are Keaton's love language. Mine too if we're being honest, but I passed this time ;0)
We got home around 11am and K threw a huge fit because he wanted to stay outside and play {too cold}. I think Penn played in the bathroom more during that time...I can't remember. haha 

Lunch got everyone's blood sugar back up and this is what the boys did while I cleaned up....

They rarely are both busy while I'm trying to do anything, but today ended up being a special day where the stars aligned and they played nicely most of the morning!! Penn wrestled with the big dog - he's under there somewhere.
Keaton watched Thomas while trying to go #2 on the potty {again}. He's been great about telling us when he has to pee, but pooping is another ball game.
Another Thomas {or 2} on the big TV and then both boys down for naps {at 1pm}. I folded laundry, sent a few emails, did some online shopping/browsing, and made dinner :) 

Ryan woke up and got ready for work. I finished up a few things and then we talked/caught up on the day while he ate lunch. Basically, I gave him a minute by minute account of our morning and trip to Walmart. haha

The boys woke up at 3:45pm. Keaton usually sleeps til 3:30/4, but this was a long nap for Penn who is usually up right at 3pm. The longer he sleeps the better mood he's in through the afternoon so this was good! Both boys had snacks and drinks, then got busy.

Keaton fixed his car {got the screwdriver himself}
Penn played ball with Ryan :) 
While they played, I browsed through our grocery store sale flyer, added some things to my list, and ate my own snack ;0) I know...fancy bowl. I really should stop using the kids tableware. 
I let the boys hang out with Ryan while I walked up our street looking for Phinley's electric fence collar. I took it off him yesterday so he could take a quick ride with me in the van and set it on Ryan's car, but completely forgot to grab it once I was home and Ryan drove to work with it on the trunk. So it's missing. Uggghhh. Hoping we have a little miracle and it just shows up somewhere.

Ryan left for work and I put Keaton on the potty with a show to help him go luck in that department so as promised I let him watch the last 5 mins in the office.
 I got dinner ready and we ate around 5:15pm. I wasn't super hungry, but everyone was sitting at the table, so I joined in. It doesn't happen very often where I get a chance to actually sit and eat too! Dinner was a little mixture of a lot of things from the fridge, but mostly yogurt. K & P could live soley on yogurt.
 The boys played while I cleaned up {not too much of a mess today!} and then the dog started running around like crazy and Keaton needed me to keep him safe. ha! Penn was chasing after Phinley and Keaton was sitting on my lap saying "no!! don't let him get me!!" K and I both know he was being a little dramatic and just wanted to snuggle.
After all that excitement the 3 of us danced, blew bubbles, and wrestled before heading down to the basement.

Keaton said he was "holding onto the banister like Mommy" and that "big boys hold banister" :) 
We were only down here 20mins, but it felt like longer. That last 1/2 hour before baths and jammies always feels like forever. We had 2 almost poops on the potty and 1 accidental pee on the underwear {mostly bc of me}. So much drama for 20mins before bed!

Everyone upstairs! Penn played bath paints in the tub while I let Keaton have one last go before getting his jammies on.

That's red paint, not blood!!

Penn is in bed playing with his teddy bear and Keaton is quiet and laying still in bed :) I got my jammies on, washed my face, brushed teeth, and then put away a few things downstairs before sitting down to finish this post up and read my Joshua book :) I like everything to be put away before I go to bed so when I come down in the morning it's a nice fresh start!

I'll be in bed around 9:15pm and then lights off at 10pm.

That's it! Not too exciting...just the way I like it. Our days look pretty different from one day to the next, but the time line of today was pretty standard. There was a lot less crying and whining today than usual, which was nice for me! Just 2 happy healthy boys!!

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Jaimee Granberry said...

So much beauty in the mundane!! Poop training was the worst for us. I'm hoping my twins are way easier! Good luck!!

Shannon Harris said...

Shannon Harris said...

from Lynn actually. Shannon was signed in on my computer!

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