Tuesday, February 21, 2017

february days

And just like that February is almost over! 

We're finally all starting to feel better over here....we've been battling colds and fevers non-stop for the last few weeks.

Poor Penn just couldn't catch a break. He got it the worst of all of us! 
Bless his heart. 
I never know what I'm going to wake up to {fevers? throw up? major runny noses? crabby patties?} so we take one day at a time! 

We've been doing lots of art projects! I'm 100% sure Penn didn't use any of those crayons and just threw them all on the floor. He likes the idea of coloring/drawing...but would prefer to just make a mess. HAHA 
 Keaton made this lovely piece for his "Pop pop in New Jersey." The glitter glue globs took approximately 2 days to dry ;0) We're working on "squeeze and spread. squeeze and spread"
 Valentine's projects...
K focuses so hard on whatever he does. He spent a lot of time perfecting these pieces!
And then of course brothers stacking play dough. Then knocking it over. And stacking again. All the while I'm holding my breath waiting for someone to fall off the chair.
Just being awesome while eating some appleasauce...
 While Penn helps himself to a snack. He's obsessed with getting in the pantry and going after the big container of animal crackers!
Bubble wrap play time for the win! Also a safe place to eat snacks...Phinley doesn't like it ;0)
Penn will crawl into anything.
Last weekend we decided to head out of town for a few days and made a quick visit to Ryan's parents in NJ. It was nice to get away! 

They have a jumping place nearby, so we took the boys Friday morning. K was SO excited to go and it was great at first, but then a ton of kids showed up and he was done. He likes things quiet and a little calm, loads of jumping, screaming children aren't his most favorite thing...but he still had a good time!
Especially when Daddy treated him to some dippin' dots ;0) 
Penn loved every second...no special treat required. 

He LOVES kids and people and noise!

 Yesterday, we stayed home all day! Keaton got himself dressed...
 And Penn snuggled like the little snuggle bug that he is :)
These are the days. Sick. Healthy. Crabby. Happy.

There's nothing I'd rather do than take care of my little loves!

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