Friday, April 7, 2017

pez factory

Our travel agent {Ryan} found out the PEZ factory was near our hotel, so it was an obvious add to the itinerary. We headed there after we got cleaned up from the race.

Since it was Saturday, the factory wasn't making candy - so it was basically a room with PEZ facts, special PEZ dispensers, and products you could buy. 

Penn was over it 0.034 seconds after walking in. He spent most of the time trying to jump out of my arms and roll around on the floor. Sometimes he'd throw in a kick or scream, but mostly it was just trying to get away from me.
But we made the most of it! 
Keaton couldn't have been more excited about the "candy" factory and got to fill up a bucket of PEZ!
 And then all of Ryan's dreams came true and he actually got to BE a PEZ. I'd put him on a display shelf for sure ;0)
He could go next to me...
And Keaton. haha
Penn was in NO mood for a photo opt so we didn't even try.
This was something that might have been more fun if the boys were older OR if they were actually making candy. It's hard because we live 10mins away from Hershey's Chocolate World where you get to ride a ride AND get chocolate at the end. AND IT'S FREE! I mean that's hard to beat! 

We walked away with a bucket of PEZ, few token dispensers, and 1 screaming toddler who needed lunch. 

Finding a place for lunch consisted of getting on google maps and picking the nearest place that had something to eat. Thankfully it wasn't a gas station!

A little food and all is right with the world again! Glad to have you back, Penn :) 

 I can only imagine what he's thinking about here... 
 Oh my. This apple. Penn loves to eat in take bites and then slowly spit out all the pieces. Is that even considered eating it?? We make a solid mess every single place we go. I know it's temporary and he won't always be a food disaster, but ugh. At least he was busy and happy!
We went back to the hotel for naps and then to a special show for the boys!!

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