Sunday, January 8, 2017

jumpin' & paintin'

With so many active little boys in the house we decided to head over to the local trampoline park {aka jumping place}! They had a toddler time in the morning, which was perfect for our 2!

Penn LOVED it! He's not shy and went wild from the moment I put him down! I think he actually jumped out of my arms. 
 I wasn't able to get many pictures of him because he just kept moving! He doesn't really jump, but he bounds around and crawled over those green dividers probably 100x. a little more reserved. It takes him a bit of time to get comfortable doing something new, but he did it and really had fun!
Grandmom finally got him to jump...he can be brave with a little encouragement :) 
Keaton jumped for a bit and then eyed up this blue ball. I could tell he really wanted it, so I told him to go after it! Chase it down and grab it! He did just that and was so pleased he sat down and looked at it for a bit before jumping more...
 Not letting go of that ball....
 For a long time. haha
 We stayed for about an hour and then headed out! It started to get crowned and I think Penn was tired :0P
We'll definitely need to find the closest jumping place to us - the boys would love it!

We left after lunch the next day, but earlier that morning all of the cousins were together again for some special fun. Grandmom had play dough and then painting set up for them all! Keaton tends to only eat play dough at home, so we don't do it that often. Just this morning we got it out, he took a huge bite, and then said "here you go Mommy" and handed the rest to me because he knew I would have to put it away.


Anyways...he had a lot of fun with the play dough factory and getting to do something a little different :) And THEN he got to paint! I'm pretty sure his mind was blown. 

All the big kids painting! 

 Keaton spent the longest amount of time working on his piece. 
 He said it was a "rainbow." I think it's obvious why it took so long... this type of perfection doesn't just happen on it's own!
We let Penn run around and eat instead of paint. You'll be up with the big kids soon enough little man!
Cousin Ethan photo bomb. haha!
 I think it's safe to say that the person with the electronics is always the most popular. What a great way to end our morning!
 The trip home was uneventful and we all hopped right back into reality. 

We're still going through Christmas isn't pretty. haha

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