Friday, January 6, 2017

christmas in NJ

After a fun filled day of presents, playing, and eating at home...all my boys and I packed up and headed to Ryan's parents in NJ.  We hadn't seen most of his family since our annual July beach trip, so it was fun to all be together again! 

We stayed 2 nights, so there was really no time to waste! We had Keaton's favorite for lunch {chick-fil-a} and opened presents! The boys got spoiled with lots of new toys! 
 Sometimes, if this piano is left on, it will randomly meow and scare the crap out of me. HA Penn loves it though :)
 Curious George!
 More presents? Wait. Let's stop and read my new Curious George book first. Does anyone else think this is so weird?? Love K and his love for books!
 K got some magnetic tiles!! These are so fun!
All the kids liked them...

 Grandmom brought out her special set with the wheeled bases....I know what Keaton and Penn will be putting on their birthday wish list this year ;0)
Back to gifts.... 

So.Much.Fun! And that was just the start. Later that afternoon more family came over! It was really unseasonably warm so we played outside for a bit. The fresh air was great!
 This little sweet cheeks is always trying to keep up with the big kids!
 Common Penn!!!
 When we were walking I turned around and saw Ryan and Keaton both with hands in their pockets walking in sync. Like father, like son...  except K's shoes matched. Apparently Ryan put on 2 different sneakers before we left and didn't realize until we got there. #newtrend
 We had dinner and celebrated Ryan and his twin brother's {Darren} birthday. They're Christmas-y {27} babies and so I'm glad we all got to be together and celebrate them on the 27th!! With all the holiday festivities I'll admit that I don't always give Ryan's birthday the attention it deserves! He's such a special man - can't imagine living my life without him!

Next up.... jumping & painting with the cousins!!
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