Thursday, January 5, 2017

christmas day with presents at HOME

We decided to wait until Ryan could spend the day with us to give the kids their presents!

He went to work on Christmas night and I set up all of the gifts. He was working through the night and then staying awake the next morning until lunch, then sleeping for a few hours to start and transition back to day shift {I don't know how he does it!}...anyways...I got the gifts set up and was seriously SO excited! Having kids at Christmas is hands down the best thing eeevvveeerrr!

I love seeing a tree set up with presents before the big reveal the next morning!
Top of the stairs picture before going down....
And last year's picture for fun :)
Keaton really didn't know what to say when he saw the gifts. He asked about the Sparkle Box and then it was something like "oh toys. oh toys."

Elmo was a hit right from the start :)
 And notice the lollipop?? Bahaha! It was in his sparkle box the day before and stayed on his dresser overnight!
They don't sell this barn toy anymore and so I had been looking for it used for a while on craigslist and whatnot. A while back I ran into a used kid's store to buy the basketball toy and there it was!! It was like a Christmas miracle ;0)!
Opening Daniel jammie jams from his Aunt Jenn! These were a HUGE hit!
 And so was the plasma car I had been saving my pampers reward points to "buy!" Thanks to baby Noel, with the points my sister sent me and our own, I was able to get enough for the car before Christmas! :) It only cost us $2000 in diapers for a $50 toy. haha Can't wait to see K and P use it outside when it's warmer!

We got gifts too! 
Daddy got a guitar and gave us a little serenade...
 I didn't get any pictures...but Ryan got me an apple watch! I was pretty excited :) :) It charged while the kids opened the rest of their presents!

More warm weather fun!

Keaton was so excited about his doctor kit. He called himself "Dr. Keaton" was adorable!
Ever since he's been checking my heart multiple times a day. Any my butt. And legs. And arms. And back.
We had a big breakfast and then opened stockings. The boys played with the new toys...

Love making these memories at home with my boys!!

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