Wednesday, January 18, 2017

farm show 2017

Last Thursday, after sitting around on my tush for {it was literally one of the most lazy days I've had in a looooong time} Ryan and I decided last minute to take the boys to our local Farm Show.

It's a HUGE event in our area and in a HUGE arena. Lots of animals, farmers, tractors, food, all things farm-y :) You know, all the things little boys like ;0)

We knew it'd be an adventure with Penn not willing to ride in the stroller these days, but gave it a go anyways!

Walked in the door and there was a pool of wooden pellets to play in....
Welcome to the Farm Show! 
 Headed toward the first stop : milkshakes.
The farm show isn't complete without a milkshake! 

We couldn't manage any other food items with 2 boys on the loose or we probably would have gotten some of everything ;0) 
Penn was a fan! And poor Ryan was coming off nights so he was tired....but honestly the farm show was kind of his idea, so I didn't feel too bad ;0) 
And then the 2nd stop : animals!

I'm pretty sure this is a sheep, but since it's face is behind the bar in all the pics I took who the heck knows! Oh my.
Penn was super excited to meet the famous sheep from the "Baa baa black sheep have you any wool??" song :) We sing about this guy a lot!
Also to note: Penn likes to run free and so he had to wear the backpack and leash. Literally, I couldn't find the strap that went with the backpack so I grabbed the dog's retractable leash. It actually worked really well and kept my little love within grabbing distance.

My picture taking skills continue to be on point here. I think that's a cow back there. HAHA 

I wish I would have gotten more intentional pictures of the boys with animals, tractors, fun farm stuff,  etc but it just didn't happen. It felt a little rushed and a bit of a whirlwind, but that's most outings with my 2 best little guys! We're out and doing things and that's all that matters, right?? Who needs to actually see the animals...we know they were there :) 

Maybe next year!

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