Thursday, December 1, 2016

trip to VA

I can't believe it's already been a few weeks since driving to VA to meet with Penn's birth mother!

I'm not going to go into specifics about our time spent with her {or her in general}, but it went very well and we enjoyed seeing her again :)

We made the 6+hr drive down on a Friday and {of course} the boys did amazing! So far, they have been super at traveling in the van!!! We got up and got on the road first thing, which I think helps a lot!

Poor K barely had time to wake up. This was 10mins into the trip...bless his heart!
Since it was off season, we got a suite at a resort in Williamsburg for a great price! It was basically like an apartment and perfect for us.

The boys and I explored and found the playground while Ryan unloaded the van... 

It had sand instead of tan bark, which Penn was NOT a fan of! He still hates sand, so he stayed safely in the swing most of the time! 
 Ryan and the boys LOVE a good indoor hotel pool. I...mmm...don't like them. I took one for the team though and went in :) Keaton was pretty scared at first, but warmed up and then did NOT want to get out. I carried a wet, tired, screaming little boy to the van.
 Look at these cuties!
With short car naps that day everyone went down a little early and without any issues!

Penn, on the other hand, was up at 5 the next day! Oh my. I can't remember the last time he was up that early. By the time Ryan got up I felt like I had already done an entire's day worth of entertaining. 
Thankfully we stayed about an hour away from our meeting spot and he could sleep on the way there!

We met at the Children's Museum of Virginia - they boys loved it and I loved watching them explore and have fun!

This big set of teeth was hilarious!
The lights change from yellow --> white as you brushed.
Music room! 
 The bubble room was fun, but kinda sticky :) Ryan and the boys got in one giant bubble, which was pretty cool!
 Penn likes to lick liquids off the ground, so the bubble room was probably his favorite spot...he basically wanted to drink the bubbles off the floor the entire time. I know. Gross.

He got a big kick out of kicking this ball around :) It was so cute and he was really good at doing it!
 And then there's the STEM room - probably Ryan's favorite spot. haha
 And finally the train room which was Keaton's :) They had a huge train display that I didn't get pictures of - we spent a lot of time in that area!
  Everyone was pretty tired by the afternoon, so we said goodbye and headed back to the hotel. We picked up a frozen pizza at Walmart and made it in our room's kitchen {yes, it had a full kitchen! haha}.

We headed home pretty much right away on Sunday....a quick stop for donuts and that was it! 
It was a quick trip and the van was basically trashed by the time we got home, but that's pretty typical. haha It's definitely not easy traveling with 2 toddlers, but we make the most of it!

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