Tuesday, December 13, 2016

decorating the tree

Just a few pictures from when we decorated {and undecorated} our Christmas tree a few weeks ago!

I had 95% of the decorations up already, the tree was really the last thing. We keep things pretty simple around here these days - I actually had to get a little creative when putting things out because I knew little, probably sticky, hands would be reaching for it all. I didn't mind one bit :)

I even suggested no red beads this year, but Ryan put them up and good thing...they were hands down the kid's favorite! Still are!

Keaton up from his nap and giving the tree a little sniff :)
Oh he was excited about those beads!
 Teamwork to get the beads off happened pretty quickly...

 Ornaments up...beads off. haha

Penn was so funny with the tree! We waited to hang some of the ornaments and so it was just lights when he woke up from his nap. He just stared at it :) 

Then as the ornaments went on, he helped take them off....
I expected nothing less :)

 We started with a good bit of ornaments near the bottom of the tree, but after about 30 mins they were all squished up onto the top half. Again, I could care less!
 And then the next morning they somehow managed to get more beads off!
If they weren't such a choking/tripping/etc hazard I'd probably keep some out for the boys to play with. Nope - those plus about 20 ornaments all found their way back into the box!
 I'd love to get the boys a tree for each of their rooms, but right now I know they'll just destroy it. Things to look forward to!! 

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