Wednesday, December 14, 2016

life in december

It's been a fun and full month so far! I was done with my Christmas shopping {and wrapping!} about a week ago :) I wasn't entirely sure what Ryan's work schedule would be like at the beginning of the month, so I just blazed through my list and it felt good!

Here's a little hodge podge of what we've been doing this month! In no particular order...

Two brothers watching a show :) Love them!
K listening to the book his Grammy and Pop Pop made him 2 years ago over and over and over... 
{I think it needs new batteries now}
No pants!
And Penn's ornament this year - Mr. Banana! This little guy is obsessed with bananas! He won't eat them. But he loves to carry them around so when I found this plush one at Target I knew he needed it!
Both boys are touching me 90% of the day, but since Ryan was home I got him to take a picture! Usually they're climbing on me, so having them sit still was really a rarity. I can't believe they are both mine!! 
We had a free Friday night the other week so we went crazy and went to the grocery store {with doggie, of course}....  
And then ice cream before dinner!  Keaton was a fan.
Penn too :) 
He can be a little bit picky when it comes to eating, so it was fun to see him try and enjoy it! 
Oh those beads. See my last post. They managed to get off another strand. They played with it for 30 mins...I'm not even kidding.
Last Saturday Santa came to our house! He was driving through on his fire truck handing out candy canes and we got out to see him just in time! 

Can I just say...getting shoes and coats on 2 little boys in like 1 min is not the easiest thing I've ever done. I was sweating bullets, but it was totally worth it!
Keaton loved his candy cane :) Penn loved seeing the firetruck and running in the street. haha 
Oh Penn, he's my little runner mischief maker. 

This handsome stud will climb anything. He's little in size, but doesn't let that hold him back for one second.

He's going to be the life of the party when he gets older - I can just tell :)
It's been a wonderful month already! We've had our fair share of sour moments over here.... 
But there's 11 days til Christmas and I'm about to burst with excitement!!

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