Sunday, January 1, 2017

christmas in NC

The week before Christmas, Ryan had some time off and so we headed to visit my parents in NC!

It's always an adventure traveling with the boys, but they are SO good! They ride really well in the van and as long as the snacks & drinks keep coming they're good to go ;0) 

We brought a kindle along so Keaton could watch Daniel Tiger, but he was too busy snuggling his penguin, sleeping, and singing to really need it...Ryan and I were both kind of amazed. We also drove from PA --> NC with only ONE stop. ONE. Don't worry, the drive back made up for it. haha 

First things first - the day after we arrived we exchanged presents! parents spoiled us with gifts!
K wasn't too sure what to think of it all... 
Going in for a closer look... 
And then everyone attacked Pop pop :) 
 Love these 2...
 Penn loves my Mom - he kept running up to her for kisses!
  Still not really sure what to do & Phinley needing to be in every.single.picture. I swear I moved his little furry butt out of the way more times than I can count!

 Recycle truck for the win!

Penn's not really shy about much - he's kind of wide open. He didn't try to unwrap any of the gifts, but the bows were too tempting! 
He also likes to climb on EVERYTHING! Including his presents.  
He and K both loved this barn and animal set!
 It was a fun morning and the boys {and adults} got a lot of fun things to play with throughout the rest of the week!

More to come....

Suggly Sweater 5k up next!!

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