Thursday, October 6, 2016

more fall fun

We've had another week of fall fun over here! 

The boys and I met with friends twice this week to pick apples one day and play at a fall wonderland the next :)

Keaton was so excited to pick apples...until we got there. It got warm and was just a little too close to lunch for his blood sugar. 

He just barely picked this one and then walked around eating the rest of the time.
And holding hands with his lady friend... 
 Excuse me, he's mine. :) Seriously so adorable though!
Between coaxing Keaton along and holding Penn, I think I managed to pick us 8 apples. So not really enough to eat and make an apple pie, but it was fine by me!
 Even with Mr. Attitude we had fun! It was a cute place and they had ice cream, which really boosted morale at the end :) 

Chocolate with sprinkles. Check.
A few days later we met the same friends, plus a few others, to play outside at a fall fun wonderland {I'm not sure what else you'd call it!!}.

It was awesome! They had a lot of things age appropriate for the boys. Both Keaton and Penn were HUGE fans of the animals!! It was like all of our favorite songs come to life :)
And can I just note how perfectly Penn's 6-9 month jeans fit him. He's 17 months old people.
Don't worry, Keaton is just feeding the goat some of it's own poop turds he found on the ground. 
 Lots of mixed emotions about the pigs - pretty cool to see, but very messy and intense while eating and drinking. hahaha
And ohmygosh Penn loved the ducks!
 "Look at Mommy!!" 
Aside from the animals, which is really all we needed, they had this huge corn pit.
 K-man loved it!!
 Penn too! Except I had to be holding him ;0) 
Horsey tire swing!
 Tent of farm....stuff! :)
 He only licked this cow a couple of times. Building up immune systems one dirty ride on toy at a time over here.
It was so nice to be outside and watching the boys have fun!
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