Monday, September 26, 2016

apple picking at paulus orchards

Saturday we did our first round of apple picking at Paulus Orchards

Keaton LOVES to eat apples and is super hands on these days {"Keaton do it!"} so I knew he'd just love it :) He was SO excited!!
He kept saying "pick apples! pick apples!" I've said it before and I'll go ahead and say it again - there is nothing better than seeing your kids happy and excited to do something :) Anyways....
 I thought he might just start picking them all up off the ground, but he went straight for the tree. 

Penn had fun too, but was still just a little too young/little to get many on his own. That's where Mommy is extra helpful - together we picked Penn's first apple!
 He liked it :)
Love this boy!!
And this sweet little red too!
I tried to get a picture of them together, but #toddlerboys

Keaton found the.cutest. little apple right as we were leaving - just his size! It was seriously so cute. He took about 3 bites...
Before he passed it on to Penn who spent the next hour gnawing away until it was gone.
Paulus Orchard was really fun because they had apple picking, but also a big kid friendly play area. Penn toddled around, but Keaton bounced from area to area. He's still pretty nervous to try new things with a lot of other people around, but seemed to have fun!

This water station was his favorite!
But more than that he liked the pink and blue duckies :) 
 These peddled go-carts were super cool, but K & P were way to I took them each around on my lap. It's really easy to peddle through loose gravel while holding a toddler. #yeahright
In another week we're meeting friends for more apple picking and we still have to pick pumpkins at our local favorite - Gray's Orchard!

We just love fall in central PA!!

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lharris said...

ok, how many times can we watch the videos? So cute!!

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