Friday, September 23, 2016

life lately

Sometimes it feels like our days are so busy, yet boring and that I don't have much to write about. 

AND THEN I remember that's the whole point of why I look back and read about all the little things that we did that don't matter to anyone else, but make my life absolutely complete. 
The month of August was seriously a bit of a blur. It was one fun thing after another with some laundry and vacuuming in between! Now that we're in September it's really just depends on the week! We're keeping busy for sure, but nothing crazy ;0)

Keaton started school just after labor day and goes on Fridays for 2 hours. It's not that long, but wears the poor guy right out. Even with a good afternoon rest, Keaton needed a show and some extra relaxing before bed.

He's got it rough ;0)
Now that all the big kids in are area are back in school, we'll probably get back into our weekly zoo visits. We went with friends this past week and saw a lot of the animals out and moving around! It was fun!
The farmer's market near our house is open Friday and Saturdays, so sometimes when Ryan is working the boys and I will walk up and get some produce and donuts {duh!}. Two weeks ago I wanted to go for a run before really starting our day, so I whisked the boys out of bed and basically right into the stroller so we could get going. 

I think Keaton loved being out and about in his PJs and robe. It was pretty hilarious and got plenty of smiles from the other shoppers :)
Penn flirting with the ladies at the produce counter. He is such a little social guy! 
And right before he did a face plant. I swear he's on the ground as much as he is upright! ha 
My little love bug and I hanging out before big brother woke up. Penn is my early morning riser - just like me :)
 He's also discovered the joy of eating an entire cheese stick without me breaking it into pieces. I'm not sure what possessed me to give him the big piece, but I did and there's no going back now. He gets super offended if I start breaking it up. ha!
He's also been "helping" me get all of our baby clothes organized. 
They were getting all mixed together and I had no idea what I had for Penn to wear this winter and what I needed to buy. He's so small compared to Keaton at the same age - a lot of Keaton's winter clothes are going to be way to big for him.

The firetruck outfit he's wearing here is a size 9 month. He's 16 months old :-)
I just love my little squish though!! It felt SO good to get those clothes all organized and in bins. I've probably spent a small fortune on plastic tubs...for clothes!! But this will keep them nice and neat until I decide to sell them, give them away, or have more kids :)

I feel like I'm in a constant state of clean up and throw out...or put in the yard sale pile. Anyone else? Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in stuff.

The boys have been SO fun recently!! Keaton is talking more and more and it's hilarious. He's always cracking me up! He and Penn play "together" occasionally, but still do their own thing most of the time....

This train and track was given to us by someone in our church and the boys love it!!
Our favorite place to place is outside, of course.
One stacks...
 One knocks them over...
Dinner on the deck - it's basically their most favorite thing ever. I hate that Phinley eats food off of Keaton's plate. Ugh. Gotta love the dog! haha
Jam sessions with friends...
And play dough with Grandmom :)  
We're just loving life right now! Some days I most certainly am counting down the minutes until Ryan gets home, but I just love on my boys as much as I possibly can!! It's all going to quick!

And look who takes a cup at bedtime now. Very mixed feelings on my end, but happy to have nursed my babes for so long before bed!
Tomorrow we're headed to do some fun fall activities!! 

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