Thursday, September 15, 2016

keaton's first day of "school"

Last Friday Keaton started his first day of "school!"

We call it school, but really it's a 2 hour - 1 day a week program where they sing, play, and learn about Jesus. Kind of like a double dose of Sunday School ;0) His classroom is actually right around the corner from his Sunday morning classroom.

He has had a hard time going to SS, so we weren't really sure what to expect. The open house was a few days before his first day and K cried just as we started down the hallway. It took some convincing, but we all made it into his room where he found his backpack hook and name tag :)
He was SO excited about being in the Penguin Class! He loves penguins :)
He didn't interact with any of the other kids much, but that's okay. He has all year to make new friends. We were just happy he stopped crying and explored a little. 

Penn on the other hand, was all over the place! I was so glad Ryan could be there to help keep track of him. He's already excited for his turn!!
We had the rest of the week to talk to Keaton about his new "Penguin Class" and get him excited, but I knew he didn't really get it.

If I would have been thinking ahead at all and had any kind of reinforcement I probably would have tried for some cute pictures in front of our house or with a little fun chalkboard, but that didn't happen. Honestly, he's only 2 and we'll have A LOT more opportunities for fun before school pics...I'm not disappointed ;0)

Here's what I did manage....

He carried his Penguin Class information card around all morning! haha
I actually thought that was all I was going to get, but I pulled him out of the van and snapped a few more.
 Look at Mommy...
 Keaton over here!!!....
I tried :) 

He was so brave! I had Penn with me and he was all over the place, so K got shuffled around a bit. He found his hook on his own and hung up his backpack. Then we found his name and he sat down and started tracing his name. I was SO proud of him!! I pulled Penn away from the toys and we slipped out while K was busy.

And that was that!

I got to the van, cried, and then Penn and I hit up Target and Costco for a bunch of things we "needed." 

Keaton had a fun morning! Whenever we talked about the kids and class he would say "too loud" HA! Apparently we're all really quiet at home. Who knows.

Here's hoping this Friday goes just as smooth :)!!

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lharris said...

Oh, he looks so old in these pictures with his back pack!!! I can't believe they had 2 year old tracing their name!! And yes- you are all pretty quiet at home!! He is growing up too fast! So cute though.

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