Tuesday, April 5, 2016

penn liam - 11 months

Penn, are you really 11 months old?? 

I can hardly believe it! This year is just whizzing by....seriously I feel like I blinked and you're almost a year old! I'm a little late getting this posted because we have been BUSY and are currently spending the week in NC visiting Grammy & PopPop! 

This has been another big month for you...you had a guys weekend with Daddy, play dates, a late night out at church, an Easter egg hunt, celebrated your first Easter(!), and got another tooth...just to name a few things!

You have been going down to bed very well and seem to love your bath, nursing, bed routine we started a while ago to help you go down easier. We're all happy you go down easily! You've been waking up around 4am to nurse and then go back down for another 2-3hrs. We're not complaining and are happy with this!! 

Naps are another thing and very hit or miss. Generally, you nap in the morning and afternoon for 1-1.5hrs. You're happy almost all of the time - so I'm also okay with this :) Your daddy and I have decided you're just not going to be a big sleepy head like your brother. 

Eating...we're working on it! Haha. You're a little stinker and just love momma's milk! You nurse (what feels like) a lot throughout the day still. I know it's short lived and soon you won't nurse at all, so I'm trying to just embrace this short season. I feel so lucky that you were able to ever nurse at all! You eat mostly orange and white varieties of baby food, about 1-1.5 containers per meal. Fruit is still your favorite! You can pick up bits of food and put to/in your mouth but promptly gag and throw up. We'll keep working on it :) you're pinching grasp is A+ though!

Penn, you are going to be a climber! You pull up on everything and anything! We think you might walk before the end of the month, but honestly we're not encouraging it. Haha! I know you'll be our little fearless explorer and I'm not sure I'm ready for that!! You can almost pull yourself into the bathtub! 
Speaking of bath, you love to splash! 
You also LOVE getting a bath with Keaton - you just want to be with your big brother all the time. I'm your favorite, but Keaton is a super close 2nd. 
Penn, we love you so much!! You're fun and have the most contagious laugh! You make me smile every day and give the best snuggles!! 

Fun Facts - 11 Months
*Nurses 6-8x a day (drinks 4-6oz from bottle)
*Eats 1-1.5 containers of baby food 3x a day
*Favorite foods - sweet potato, squash, all fruit
* Pulls up and cruises along furniture
*6 teeth
*Twists and turns like an alligator when getting diaper or clothes changed
*Crawls with ease
*Taps toys together and investigates wheels 
*LOVES Beat Bo robot 
*Climbs in and out of ball pit

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