Friday, January 29, 2016

penn liam - 9 months

Penn, you're 9 months old!

I feel like you've been 9 months old for a little while now and I'm not sure why. Maybe you seem advanced to me ;0)

Penn, you're quite the little man :)
You've really revved up your cute factor these last few weeks. Your hair is still pretty red and getting long on the top. I like to spike it into a faux-hawk most days, unless we're going to church...then I comb it over. Your eyes are probably the bluest in the house and navy blue or gray are your colors ;)

I feel like this past month you've really taken to playing with toys. You tap objects together, unload any container, and purposefully go after things. You also love wrestling with your big bear and Keaton. Chew toys are still your favorite - you chew on everything and anything!!
I can't imagine getting those top 2 teeth had anything to do with all your chomping. Those 2 teeth took a good week or more to pop through, but they're here! I know...I've felt them bite me 1 or 2x :-D

JUST TODAY you started to crawl on your knees a little! You've been scooting around quite a bit and get to where you need to go, but haven't been crawling on your knees. You really like to stand and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't long before you were pulling yourself up on everything.
You're such a tiny little guy it's funny to see you standing next to things :) 
You still exclusively breastfeed about 8x a day. I know. It seems like a lot to me too mister! You eat baby food here and there, but nothing impresses you much. You eat 1/2-1 container of food 2x a day. It's still all mostly orange, but we're trying! I gave you a puff and you gagged, then threw up. We know you'll eat eventually :) Thankfully Mommy's milk is enough and you don't need solids.
You're sleeping goes right in line with your eating; it's hit or miss. You get a bath, nurse, and go to bed very easily, but still get up a few times to snack. 1x is okay, 2-3x is something we need to talk about. Daddy and I are working on what to do to help you to sleep longer stretches at night....your brain needs time to grow and develop!

That cute little tongue isn't going to make us change our minds either - so don't even try looking all super duper cute so we think midnight snuggling is okay 0:-)
You usually ride on Mommy in the carrier when we're out and about, but love sitting next to K in the shopping cart and JUST TODAY ate lunch with us at the table :) I can't believe we're at this point already. The truth is, you've probably been ready for a while, but we're too busy doing our normal routine with you and Keaton we haven't really thought about trying it! Sorry buddy! From now on you get your own seat!
Penn, you're a joy!

We love you so much and can't believe that your birth mommy picked us to be your parents. She said that God guided her decision and we know that must be true because you fit with us like a glove. We're so thankful and honored to get to love you every day. 

We're getting pretty close to one my mister red. How is that possible?

FUN FACTS - 9 Months:

*Weighs - 14lbs 7oz {<0 .1="" p="">
*Length - 25.1" {<0 .1="" p="">
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears size 6 & 9 month onesies, 6 month pants, 9 month jammies...basically you can wear anything 6-9 months 
*Nurses average of 8x a day
*Eating only baby food still {mostly still colored orange}
*Bedtime routine: bath, nurse, bed
*Bath time starts at 7pm & in bed around 7:30pm 
*Sleeping between 3-4-5hrs at a time at night. 
*2 TOP teeth!!
*Loves to chew on everything! Especially pull off socks and snack on those :)
*Pops up on a knee, turns, and plops down in a new spot. JUST started crawling a little on his knees today!
*Tries to pull up on side of crib
*Sits up on own
*LOVES to splash in the bath

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