Sunday, January 24, 2016

keaton mark - 21 months

I was going to do a "Keaton Says" post, but thought I'd do one more full blown monthly update before he turns 2 {which is ridiculous by the way}! 
So let's start with what K is saying these days....

Not much of anything :) He still has a super limited vocab, but attempts to say a lot. Most of it comes out in grunts and inflected sounds. I know what the sounds mean, but that's just because I'm the Mom and it's part of my job :) 

Keaton's words/sounds include: 
Pe {Penn}
MOMMA {he usually yells this when he needs help}
chee {cheese}
hummm {hummus}
ya ya {yogurt}
pack {applesauce pack}
pack {owl snack pack}
caa caa {cracker/cookie}
pa pa pa {play dough or paint}

If you didn't notice, he has a food theme going :) And not a lot of complete words yet. I imagine soon he'll be adding the endings onto most of those...hopefully!

Oh my, Keaton is a riot these days! He makes me laugh every day. I just love watching his little brain think and do. He mimics a lot of what Ryan and I do, which is cute & terrifying all at the same time. Some of the stuff he copies I had NO idea he saw or was paying any attention to when we did it! I need to be much more mindful of what I say, do, and how I react.  

Speaking of reacting....K loves a good reaction ;0)

Some of the things he does for a good Mom or Dad reaction:
throws all the food he doesn't want on his plate onto the floor
climbs onto the kitchen island from his learning tower
climbs onto the window sill and stands
stands on recliner in the office, grabs blinds, pulls back as far as possible and lets go
grabs the dogs tail {oh this is bad}
gets really close to me and grabs my face
carries the dog's water dish to us and then dumps it quickly just as we're about to take it
flushes the toilet over and over
HAHA! 21 months sounds really fun, huh??

He is so darn cute I can't help but laugh after I discipline him. When he's being naughty he smiles and his one little dimple is just irresistible. I could literally eat him up some days.

Really though, he is a sweet boy who listens well when we're out and obeys most of the time at home!
Some of the things he does that makes Mom and Dad proud:
brings Penn a toy when he's fussing
randomly hugs our legs
randomly gives me a big smooch on the lips
wipes his hands and mouth with a napkin after he eats {sometimes :)}
waits until I tell him I'm done on the potty to flush ;0)
tries to pull up his pants after getting his diaper changed
puts his water and snack cup on his table unprompted
gets a burp cloth for Mommy when she's feeding Penn or asks for one
reads stories aloud to himself
Because this turned into a big piles of lists I'll continue with 

Keaton's favorite foods:
yogurt {oh my word yogurt!}
applesauce packs
animal crackers

Those are the things he'll almost always always eat. He eats a pretty big variety, but we can count on the above anytime.

Keaton's favorite things:
listen to music on pandora, but ONLY the "Toddler Tunes" station {we've tried others, trust me!}
go outside
play with grandparents
bounce in bounce house
listen to stories

K-man loves his brother. He can absolutely be a stinker and steam roll him when he feels like it, but a majority of the time he is sweet and only wants to play or love on him. I can't tell you how many times he'll get Penn a toy if he's fussing at his high chair or sit with him and play on the floor....not really with him, but next to him :)

I'll just go ahead and skip the "Fun Facts" for this month, since the entire post is basically a fun fact :)

Oh Keaton we love you so much! You make Daddy and I laugh You're testing your boundaries a lot these days, but gosh that dimple just about does me in and I almost let you get away with many many things...but I know that's not helping you so I turn away, giggle, and then we talk about making good choices.

You're an amazing big brother and I love seeing how your relationship with Penn is changing. You engage with him more and are just as anxious as he is to start serious wrestle mania in the family room.

It's fun watching you grow, but hard on Mommy's heart too. Slow down already!!

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Love this. He is so cute!

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