Thursday, January 21, 2016

the mall

This morning I decided to take the kids to the mall....I haven't been to a mall in probably a year. 

Ok, that's not true. 

A few months ago I ran in to make a return.

I haven't gone to the mall to walk around and just browse for a year.

It was kind of amazing.

Food court!
Went in at least 6 stores!
Lots of private places to feed Penn!
Big open spaces for Keaton to walk!
One time in and out of the car with everyone!

Really....why have I waited so long to take the boys?!? 

We seriously went to just walk, but 2 of the stores were going out of business so we had to pop in and look around. Hallmark had this red Clifford on super clearance for $2. 

K started snuggling with it right away and it was the cutest thing - so we got him :)
We went to a few other stores and then Keaton started getting hangry so we headed to the food court for pizza.  

You would think K is still small enough for us to share a piece, but unless I just wanted the crust I had to get my own.
I graduated Penn from his baby seat up top to the big bottom seat while we ate. He was a happy little bug trying to get snacks out!

It was just the food court at the mall, but we 3 don't all go out for lunch on our own very often and it felt special :) 
I just love my 2 little reds so much...even mall trips feel special with them along.

A little more hectic and I definitely don't try anything on, but I don't need more clothes anyways ;0)

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Jaimee Granberry said...

I love that you braved it with 2! One day ill take my 3 out and be scared to death, but that's how you get better at it, right?!

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