Saturday, January 9, 2016

penn liam - 8 months

Penn you are 8 months old {plus a week or so :)}
I actually started this post a while ago, but with the holidays, switching rooms in our house, and everything else I got a little behind...

This month is especially exciting because you officially became part of our family!! All of the legal paperwork is complete and the VA court system has changed your name!
It was all just a formality {you've been a member of our family since day 1}, but it still felt good to have it done - we'll celebrate big in the spring with your 1st birthday!

Back to the update....

Penn, you've had a big month!

You now have 2 bottom teeth in the shape of a "V" and your appetite is back! You still only like orange colored food and were completely appalled when I had you try a cheerio and puff. I imagine it'll be some time before you're eating table food.....can't say I'm not trying though! You're upper gums are very swollen and I see a top tooth trying to come through too - any day! Maybe you'll be more motivated to eat regular food with more teeth.

The teeth are cute, but not for nursing. You bite Mommy and that's no fun at.all. You actually chomp down and turn your head from side to side. I mean, seriously little dude?!? You're nursing still 8+x a day, but I feel like you snack a lot. You feel a little heavier to me, but still fit into your 6-9 month clothes no problem.
We'll find out your weight at your 9 month appointment. I'm guessing you're still on the bottom of the percentage pool 0:-)

I try to nurse you as much as I can throughout the day so you sleep through the night. We hit a pretty rough spell through November and then you started sleeping great in December again. There have been nights here and there where you wake up and need a little extra love {and food}, but we're thankful with how well you go back to sleep once you wake up.
The other week I looked at the monitor and found you sitting up in your crib!! Daddy lowered it a few days later. You can sit up on your own, but haven't started crawling yet. You definitely rock up on your knees and try to climb over things, but no forward movement yet!

I know you're dying to wrestle with Keaton. He sits on you and you just don't help my trying to discipline him for doing that at all. Soon, my little buddy, you'll be able to get your revenge...
Most of the time though you're been pretty content sitting and playing with your little basket of toys. You chew on every single thing that you can get your hands on. Your favorite toy is probably the magnetic alphabet - you tap the letters together and it's so cute :)

 We just love you to pieces, Penn!

It was so amazing getting word from our adoption lawyer that all the paperwork went through! You have always been a Harris, but now it's official! We're so thankful to God for bringing you to us. We're a better family because of you! It was the perfect way to end our year and best Christmas present!
Hugs and kisses sweet boy!

FUN FACTS - 8 Months:

*Weighs - 
*Length -
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears a mix between 6 & 9 month clothes. Six month onesies fit perfectly, but I've been trying to extend the wardrobe and add in some bigger clothes. 
*Nurses average of 8x a day.
*Started eating solids again! Likes all foods that are orange {carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, mango, etc}
*Bedtime routine: bath, nurse, bed
*Bedtime at/around 7:00/7:30pm 
*Sleeping through the night again {most nights} From 7:30/8 - 4/5
*2 bottom teeth
*Loves to play peek a boo
*Working hard to crawl
*Sits up on own

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