Thursday, January 7, 2016

christmas 2015 - new jersey

On the 27th, before Ryan left for work, we celebrated his birthday!

I always feel like Ryan gets the raw end of the birthday deal since it falls so close to Christmas. One of these years I'll be on my A-game and plan some super awesome surprise, but until then we'll continue with our annual ice cream cake, card, and gifts :)

He actually had to work the night of his birthday, so we had cake around 3 and then he left. Such a bummer! We had good days planned ahead thought and that night and the next morning I worked to get all our bags and gifts packed to head to South Jersey for Christmas with his side of the family.

I've said this before and I'll say it again - I really am lucky to have such great in-laws. They're normal and kind and have no drama. 

{Hi Lynn! I know you're reading this and it's true! You are all wonderful!}

We did gifts with Ryan's parents the evening we got there. We all got spoiled...just like my parents spoiled us!

K needed serious help getting the gifts open again. I imagine in another year this won't be the case ;0)
Stockings! This boy ate pretty much the entire time. haha
It was vacation so I figured he could just help himself :)
Probably the best part about our visit was seeing all the cousins! Andrew entertained Penn with a rousing game of "peek a boo." It was adorable! It's Penn's favorite game and Andrew was a pro.
 Just watching a little TV before a big family dinner...
After dinner all the families exchanged gifts - it was c.r.a.z.y.  HA!
I'm not sure Keaton knew what to do, so he found a safe spot near Aunt Kasie 0:-) 
{side note: he LOVED her hair. I never wear my hair down because he pulls it, so it was like a little luxury for him to rub his sticky little fingers all over it}
And thank goodness for cousin Alayna. Both my boys couldn't figure out how to open a gift worth a darn - she helped.
We stayed for a quick day and half and then headed home to a big Christmas mess. I'm pretty sure I cried again and then pulled myself together and started taking down all the decorations.

It's always hard to say good bye to the excitement and fun that comes with Christmas, but we're thankful we can celebrate Jesus' birth all year long!

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lharris said...

Thanks for updating your blog!! Love it all. And thanks for saying we are normal- that is great. We are blessed to have wonderful "normal" daughter and son in laws as well as their "normal" no drama families!! Our children married well.

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