Tuesday, January 5, 2016

christmas 2015 - our house part II

We were so thankful to have my parents visiting us on Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year! It was especially nice having them around during the day while Ryan slept and after he went to work at night!

Christmas Eve we hung out at home and went to hibachi lunch. It was Keaton's first time and he was pretty indifferent. I thought he'd like all the cooking action, but I think he was tired. He enjoyed the food though :)
I've always loved going to Christmas Eve church service, but it's just too late for these little guys so we stayed home :) 
Ryan got home from work at 6:30am and decided to stay up and open presents with us before heading to bed for the day. 

It was Christmas morning all over again!! And just like 2 days before, I spent the first 30 minutes trying not to cry like a baby when I saw how happy and excited Keaton got...it really is the best thing ever!
I thought Christmas was exciting before having kids. It's just so much better with little ones!

K started making us breakfast right away in his new kitchen from Grammy and Pop Pop :)
Then was forced to take a family picture in front of the tree before stockings ;0)
I think we all knew after stockings it would be game over for any kind of posed pictures. 
And that was partially true, except when we opened Penn's stocking and he got some puffs. Keaton went crazy and only wanted puffs for the the next 2 hours. haha 
So we kept refilling his cup and opening our other presents!

New kicks for Dad
And Ryan!
 Little book break on Mr. Bear
Penn helping Pop Pop open his yearly calendar... 
Ryan went to bed right around 9am and so my parents and I had {another} yummy Christmas breakfast and played with all our stuff...or rather the kids new stuff :)
K just loves his Grammy  
It was a lovely day! The sun came out and we even got to go outside for a bit without freezing!

The next day my parents packed up and we all headed to my Aunt's house for a family get together with my extended family.

K was happy to see his big cousins there :)
And then to his surprise {and relief} his biggest cousin Owen came over for the night! 

These two <3 p="">
Showing K how to make a real man sandwich. haha
"Look this way!" HA!
Once my sister and her family left we all cried and started to clean up the house.

It was SO sad. 

You know it's a good holiday when you cry after everyone leaves. Christmas wasn't over yet, though! We still had Ryan's family to see :) 

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