Sunday, January 3, 2016

christmas 2015 - our house part I

Merry Christmas!! 
A week or so late :)

It's hard to believe all of our Christmas decorations are already packed up, but we finished the last of it today. We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!!

It started on the 23rd with our little family of 4's "Christmas Morning." Ryan worked night shift starting on Christmas Eve, so we gave the boys their gifts and I made our big Christmas breakfast and dinner this day.

It was nice for him to be able to enjoy it all without just getting home from a long night at work or having to go into work later in the day.

We're all at the top of the steps ready to see what fun surprises were downstairs under the tree! I'll also add that everyone {even Penn} slept in this day!! 
I hurried down ahead of the gang to get some pictures :) Keaton is just learning how to walk down the steps so it took them a while. hehe
I think he sees something he likes...
I'll give you one guess which present was the most popular - here's a's big, soft, and fuzzy ;0)
Mr. Bear got lots of love :)
Checking out his goodies :)
Books before presents.
Keaton wasn't really interested in the wrapped presents at all, he just wanted to play with the toys that were out. I basically had to unwrap them all for him!
Penn, on the on the other hand, was a little pro at unwrapping!
Looks like he got what he asked for {Mommy looked long and hard for this little house! haha}
Annual Christmas breakfast! I told everyone to look and know. 
Post breakfast snuggles and stories with Dad :) 
We spent the rest of the day playing and waiting for my parents to arrive!! Christmas #2 was just a few days away....!!

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