Monday, January 11, 2016

bath paint

When Daddy's working nights....we paint in the tub to burn time before bed :)

Keaton's Aunt Shannon and Uncle Ted attached some bath paint onto his Christmas present and it's been a huge win!
For both K and Mommy.....I mean the stuff is soap, so you play with it in the tub and then wash it away.

Does it get any better? Or easier??  

Keaton doesn't say many words, but he tries so darn hard to say "paint" now. Lots of "ppppp" sounds and spitting :) I asked him the other night if he wanted to paint in the tub and he RAN to the bathroom and started pointing to it! haha
He only tried to eat it once and realized that was gross. 

Good boy. ;0)
Penn played in the inflatable tub next to me. He would absolutely eat no paint for him right now.

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