Monday, November 30, 2015

penn liam paul - 7 months

Penn you are 7 months old {yesterday!}

This last month was a pretty big one for you - you got your first tooth!!

That little bottom left tooth was a stinker, but he popped through :-D I'm pretty sure the right one is close behind because your gums are all swollen and you've been chewing anything and everything! I don't know for sure, but I think the left one gave you some diarrhea, which gave you a diaper rash, which gave you a yeast infection {or something along those lines}. It was a pretty long and tough week for you, but now you're doing just fine!

Except you haven't been eating solids much. You were chowing down at the end of October, but then that diaper rash hit and something with your eating changed. You nurse a lot, but won't take a bite of solid food. I'm not sure if you're getting super duper picky or just don't feel like eating these days....

Either way - you're happy as a clam. You smile at us all the time and are starting to smile at strangers!

You enjoy sitting at your high chair during meals and chew on your monkey squeaker.  You've been playing around and chewing on a sippy cup, but still aren't sure what it's good for. Soon enough :)

Speaking of sit around the house like a pro now. No more boppy support for you - you're entirely solo now. Sometimes you teeter back and forth, but manage to stay up...most of the time. When you do fall over, you roll to your belly and hang out there for a while. Sometimes you try to grab toys, turn yourself around, rock up onto your knees, or even scoot backwards.

Right now your favorite toy is the piano. You sit and bang on that thing for a half hour - it cracks me up! You also like to unload the basket of "chew" toys I sit next to you :) I think you've put every single toy we own in your mouth at this point! ha!

Penn you're our little peanut! You're a tiny little guy and I wouldn't have you any other way! You still snuggle like a newborn and it's pretty great :) You have the best red hair that is growing perfectly into a mohawk - the 2 cowlicks in the back swirl so the hair stands straight up in the middle. hahaha It's fun when people say you look just like Keaton...he is your brother after all!

We feel so blessed to have you in our family. Your laugh is contagious and you have the.cutest.little.face. I could just eat your cheeks! We love you more and more each day sweet boy!


FUN FACTS - 7 Months:

*Weighs - around 14lbs {??}
*Length - ??
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears size 6 month clothes
*Nurses average of 9x a day + NO solids
*Bedtime routine: bath, nurse, bed
*Bedtime at/around 7:00/7:30pm 
*Sleep is still very random, but mostly gets up 2x to eat and goes back to sleep
*Rolls from back to belly once in crib
*Enjoys watching the vacuum
*Got first diaper rash and cold
*First time with babysitter this month - he was indifferent, but went to sleep for her which is amazing :) {thanks Jess!!}
*LOVES to bang on piano
*Pushes backwards when on belly during awake time
*Pushes up onto knees once in a while

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