Wednesday, December 2, 2015

thanksgiving 5k race

I won't beat around the bush here - Ryan has the.worst. work schedule this year. 

He works a rotating day and night 12hr shift that is planned out a year in advance. It's complicated and confusing, but we're used to it and have a pretty great calendar system to keep me straight :) This year it just happens that his shift works Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. 


It's lame, but we're trying to stay positive and make it work! It's easy to complain and get down about him being gone on these special days, but we're grateful he has a good and stable job...we have nothing to complain about!

Usually on Thanksgiving we're visiting family and away from home, but since we were going to be around, I decided to sign myself up for a turkey trot! I've always wanted to run a turkey trot and so I went for it!

It was big! Like over 1,000 people! I guess I'm not the only one crazy enough to get up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving and run in the freezing cold ;0)

Except we almost slept through the whole thing....

Penn was up most of the night {teething I think} and we both finally fell asleep around 5am. I laid in bed assuming I'd wake up before 6:45am and have plenty of time to get us all ready to go and be at the race for a 8:15am start.

Well...I was SO tired and ended up waking at 7:08!! Ahhh!! That's 7 minutes to get myself and both boys ready to go.

Ugh. Not happening.

I woke everyone up in a flurry and had us packed in the car by 7:30.

Thankfully, I had plenty of time to get everyone redressed in warmer clothes and feed Penn. We literally ran to the start line and I snapped a few pictures of my guys before we took off!

Keaton and I at the start :)
He was toasty warm with a blanket, drink, cereal...I mean this kid had it made!
And look at hiiiim!! Mr. Bear was so cute :)

And we made it in 28:19! These guys + the stroller is over 40lbs. That's a load to push, but we did it and I won't lie....I was pretty proud of myself :) :)

Keaton was less than thrilled by the whole experience. You would have thought HE ran the race by the end. I basically had to run people over with the stroller to get him a banana.

Everyone was crying by the time I loaded them in the van - hahaha.

I'm thinking we need to do this every year...soon the boys will be running too! Maybe next year Ryan can come too! Everything is better with Daddy :)

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