Sunday, November 29, 2015

november...all at once

Has it really been an entire month since I posted last??

Oh my.

We've been busy over here, but not doing anything. Does that make sense? 

Ryan works at a nuclear power plant and during the month of November they shut down to do repairs and refuel {aka the outage}. He worked 72hr weeks the entire month, which is a lot. I give major props to working, single moms and military spouses!! I don't know how you do it for months! I was actually a little spoiled because Ryan got home around 7 every night and could help with baths. He never complained about being tired or having to get up at 4am every day.

He's amazing.

Between keeping us all happy and safe {haha} I've just been too busy during the day to sit down and update and waaaay to tired at night after the kids go to bed. Penn has been getting up 1-2x a night since the outage started to let me know he misses Dad and wants extra snuggle time with me. He's so thoughtful ;0)

I love looking back at our little blog though and want to do a quick "here's what we did in November" with hopes of updating more in December!!


Here's what we've been up to {in no particular order}...

Flipped through our chatbooks
Tried to attract all the ladies in Costco....which actually worked except most were over the age of 40 ;0)
Went to 4 doctor appointments - stickers were certainly a highlight!
Played with Daddy during his days off! Bubble wrap for the win!
Played outside as much as possible. Yay for a bunch of nice, warm November days!
Snuggled with Mommy {my favorite}
Took a trip to the local zoo with friends
Read some pretty exciting books
Ate big boy breakfasts
Watched our road {finally!!} get paved
Had a few playdates!
Squished play dough for the first time...
Then ran around!
Did lots of swinging and singing!
K shared lots of toys with Penn and even his milk {don't worry - Penn didn't drink it ;0}
Or at least try...his feet don't even almost touch yet. haha!
Wrote a little music
Got a tooth and stayed up all night to let me know it was coming in....stinker thought it was funny the next day :0) 
We also went to Target 100x, danced, did lots of Christmas shopping, got colds, supervised the taping of drywall in our basement {getting that finished}, facetimed with family, and decorated for the holidays!

I'll be honest, we had a few rough days and one very rough week, but the outage is over and tomorrow Ryan has off! We're looking forward to fun family time and getting the basement project done and behind us so we can enjoy it together!

Penn is almost 7 months old today!!
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lharris said...

i have been waiting for an update! Your month sure was busy! Love these pictures!

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