Monday, November 2, 2015

penn liam paul - 6 months

Penn Liam Paul you are 6 months!

Happy Half Year Birthday sweet boy :) 

It's hard to believe you're 6 months still seem so little in size to me :) About 2 weeks into your 6th month you started waking up in the middle of the night {twice} to eat and so I think you might be going through a growth spurt...??? You seem to literally be growing in front of my eyes!

You go to the doctor this week and we'll see if you've gained much weight or length. You feel heavier to me!

You're still in 3-6 month clothes and I imagine will stay in them for a few more weeks. You're belly is getting big and so some 6 month pants are feeling snug around the waist, but definitely still long enough. Your onesies are still fitting just fine and your little tootsies are still too small for shoes :)

Penn, Keaton still seems to be your best buddy! You love sitting in your chair and watching him run around. Even if he bops you on the head, you laugh. Daddy and I keep saying you're a sensitive guy, but by the way K rough houses with you I think you're pretty tough!

And when Keaton isn't in your face, Phinley is licking your toes. You think it's funny and I think it's gross! Haha Regardless, you're so popular at our house!! We all just love you!

Penn you started solids this month! You've been staring us down for a while now at dinner, so we though we'd give you squash to try. You loved it and have been going strong every since! I hope to introduce you to avocado and some fruits this month. Don't worry, you'll love them.

You've been rolling onto your belly a lot when I put you on the floor, but haven't started rolling across the floor yet. We're all just waiting....we've seen you roll, you just hit your belly and stop.  When your toes are free you love grabbing them and try to put them in your mouth - it's amazing how entertaining a couple toes can be ;0)

Penn, being your Mommy is so amazing. I still don't know what I did to deserve such a gift. You have a contagious giggle and are my little buddy....I just love you so much! Daddy and I thank God all the time for choosing us to be your parents and we pray that He is growing in your heart.

We love you sweet boy. We love every inch of you.

FUN FACTS - 6 Months:
*Weighs - 
*Length -
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears size 6 month clothes
*Nurses average of 9x a day + solids 2x a day
*Take a bottle with ease!
*Bedtime at/around 7:00pm 
*Sleep is very random, but most recently getting up 2x to eat and going back to sleep
*Sleeps on belly without swaddle
*Tried squash, peas, green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes for the first time - liked them all!
*Goes in the church nursery like a champ
*LOVES when Keaton "plays" with him
*Enjoys watching from his green jungle chair
*Does NOT like the jumperoo

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