Sunday, October 4, 2015

penn liam paul - 5 months

Penn you are 5 months old {+5 days}!!

How is this possible??

This last month has really flown by. We've been busy traveling to NJ, NC, and GA and you have been a very good little traveler! It's not easy sleeping in a shared hotel room, but you've done your part to make it go smoothly!

You still don't love your car seat, but settle in once we get rolling. It's helped having toys for you to play with in your seat. You really like scrunching your big firefly, but the squeaky giraffe is your all time favorite. We've gotten through a lot of meals out at restaurants thanks to that giraffe ;0) It makes you stop crying and's kind of magical. We can thank Daddy for finding that toy!

Physically, you're still a small little guy. Very easy to carry around and snuggle. You're gaining weight, but not much. We're not concerned and see you happy a lot, so we know you're getting all the food you need. This next month we'll be giving you some veggies to try! I'm not sure you'll like to eat as much as Keaton, but here's hoping ;0)

Small body, loud voice. You're the loudest baby I've ever been around. HA! It's hilarious to hear you scream talk to us. You just gab and gab.

Penn, just a few days ago you rolled over from your back to belly! I was in the bathroom and totally missed it, but I left you on your back and when I came back you were chillin' on your belly. Hmmm...have to keep a close eye on you for sure! I have a feeling once you start moving, you're going to take off!! You're also getting close to sitting. I don't push you to do anything are growing too fast already, no sense in encouraging it ;0)

I think your favorite person right now is Keaton. He's always been a favorite, but you just stare at him and smile when he gets super close to you. K desperately wants to wrestle with you, but practices "soft hands" and kisses your head a lot. It's adorable.

You're still very stranger shy and like when Mommy holds you the best. Daddy is the pro at putting you to sleep and once you're down at night {usually around 7:30} you're out until 5:30am. Some days it's earlier than that and other days it's longer...nothing is super consistent yet.

Penn, we love you. Every last inch of you. Most days I can't believe your birth mom picked us to be your family....she picked us. We couldn't be luckier.

FUN FACTS - 5 Months:
*Weighs - 
*Length -
*Wears size 2 diapers
*Wears size 6 month clothes
*Nurses average of 8x a day
*Bedtime at/around 7:30 & naps every 1-1.5 hours throughout the day
*Sleeps 10hrs at night
*LOVES to sit in his froggie seat
*Enjoys tummy time
*Rolled over from back to belly 
*Sucks on hands all.the.time.
*Prefers to face out when being held
*Sleeps in swaddle with both arms out

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