Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Woah. What a week! We're in full party mode around here! Someone is celebrating the big ONE this weekend :)

I can hardly take it.
I never thought I'd be one of those Moms that cried when their baby turned one, but I'm definitely crying and have been reminiscing about his birth for months weeks days now! I imagine it will only get worse with more birthdays!
Last week, Keaton decided to bring in his new year with a little stomach bug. Oh vey. He didn't really have a fever, but definitely wasn't feeling well. In the last day or so his appetite has been coming back and I'm hoping by Saturday it's in full swing and he's ready for cake!! In the meantime, I've been giving him whatever he'll eat...
Yesterday he finally moved onto sweet potatoes and this morning he ate rice cereal with fruit like it was going out of style. My little eater is coming back!

This was just after I told him Pop-Pop was coming for a visit this weekend :)
PS. The dog is never more than 3" away from K-man at all times when he's in that seat.
Besides working hard to feel better, K-man has also been helping me get things around for his par-tay! When he's not crying at my legs to hold him, or eating through all the cheerios {that bag was used for decorations!!}, he's sorting the paper goods.
And doesn't he look like such a big boy here! Also...notice the white streak in this hair? His hair is white in this one spot - sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't depending on how his hair is laying. I always think of it as God touching his little head before sending him down to us :)

Me and my little guy snuggling! 
We're settling in for a busy weekend! Birthday party and church dedication updates to come!!

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Emily said...

I love how Phin is now "the dog" - bahaha!

Happy birthday weekend Keaton! We are SOOOO sad to miss it. I didn't even tell Hadley because she'd be devastated if she knew there was a party happening without her. :-)

Emily said...

Also, this might be my first blog comment of any kind in like…2 years. IG ate all the blogs. And my ability to read and comment. haha (but really. it's true.)

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