Monday, April 6, 2015

easter weekend

Happy Easter!

I pray that you had a blessed and joyous Easter weekend! It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in the basket, goodies, egg hunts, etc., but Sunday morning at my church was truly a time that focused on Jesus Christ's Resurrection! It's still hard for me to imagine the pain, suffering & torture Jesus went through so that I can be forgiven of my sins and live in His grace. He's always listening, always forgiving, and in my heart.

Sunday morning was certainly the highlight, but we had a lot of fun the rest of the weekend too :)

Keaton's cousin Owen had a baseball tournament a few minutes from our house, so my sister and her family were here! Keaton enjoyed having a play buddy! Owen is so good with Keaton - he's definitely an 11 year old boy 99% of the time, but when he's around little kids he's patient and caring. It's really sweet.

K-man also enjoyed getting all spiffed up for the church on Easter morning. Oh my word I can't even handle these pictures. We got zero family pictures {I had to leave early to work in the nursery and Ryan arrived later for the service}, but I snapped these in the nursery real quick when I went to pick him up.
I just die every time I look at that little smile :) :) 

I always got my Easter basket after church on Sunday morning, so that's what we're going to do with Keaton. We can home, had lunch, and then Keaton got to look through his basket.
 This year we didn't do candy because, well, he's not even one yet! HA! But soon enough ;0)
And remember that bucket I made a year ago in case K was born early?? It's finally getting some use!
He liked it!
My book worm loved the stories the best....
 Until he found the paper grass! There was a little paper grass trail going straight from that spot to Phinley's food bowl. Haha
I know that Keaton doesn't understand Easter right now, but we still told him the Easter story and pray that those little seeds of truth grow in his heart.

We also celebrated with a ham lunch {whoop whoop - Mom props for making the easiest holiday meal ever!!} and went through the Easter bags Ryan's Mom sent :)  
I'm pretty sure I ate almost all of my candy in one sitting. I love Easter candy!

Have a great week!

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