Wednesday, April 22, 2015

keaton's cheerio bash

Keaton's actual birthday is the 24th, but we celebrated early with friends and family last Saturday!

It was the perfect day! The weather was gorgeous, no major birthday catastrophes, and Keaton had a good time :)

After tossing around what seemed like 100 ideas, I opted for a Cheerio theme! It's not only one of his favorite foods, it's also probably not going to be requested...ever.

Welcome to Keaton's Cheerio Bash!

I made probably 95% of the decorations - it was a lot of fun {and a lot of work!}! I took a lot of ideas of pinterest and esty.
The smash cake and cupcakes were right under the birthday sign. We opted for cupcakes topped with cheerios instead of a big sheet cake & Keaton's cake was simple with a little cheerio border.
On the fireplace, I put Keaton's monthly picture display and his "My First Birthday" poster.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled with how this poster turned out! I created it using the Silhouette software and printed it at Staples.
I kept most of the decorations relatively simply and used cheerio box banner and tissue poms to fill in the gaps. Mostly, there was just a lot of red and yellow!
Oh yeah, and this cheerio covered #1 that I made :) :) 
 Huge props to my Mom who turned the #1 around after I had it set up in several places backwards. Ohmy. Seriously. I have so many pictures with that 1 backwards. hahaha
I set up a table in the garage with kid activities - cheerio bird feeders craft, chalk, bubbles, and noise makers. 
We also had some yard games and toys inside!
Keaton was SO happy to have many of his friends & family come to celebrate!
 He's looking pretty pleased playing with the only girl at the party! Miss Kate is a few months younger than Keaton, but one of his only girlfriends!
We're blessed to have lots of little boys in our life! They all go to church together and I hope stay friends as they grow!
And what party isn't complete without cake??
  K-man wasn't 100% sure at first...
I think he likes it...
Oh yeah. All in! 
Sometimes you just need to go face first! I love this picture of Ryan watching Keaton enjoy his cake - what a blessing this little guy is to us! 
 And the aftermath. haha 
We got K cleaned up and then Ryan helped him open his presents - he got SO spoiled! Such a lucky little guy! Lots of new toys that we don't have...I don't think he got one double gift! We've been super busy the last few days, but are home for a bit and ready to play with everything!
The adult guests got cookies and kiddos got milk jugs filled with cheerios to take home :)

It was just a fun and special day for us!

I still can't believe my itty bitty is turning ONE!

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