Tuesday, March 3, 2015

computer dilemma {kinda}

About a week ago we got a new computer and over the weekend Ryan & Keaton got it all set up!
I'm not sure what I thought, but it's like starting all over again :)
I was on autopilot before when finding pics, documents, files, etc.
Fonts, PS actions, and apparently blog banners need downloaded again.

I'm not exactly sure what happened to my blog, but then I started really messing with it and can't remember how to fix anything!! ahhh! hahaha
Don't worry love bug, I'll get it all squared away...just might take a while :)

 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png

1 comment:

Darren and Kasie said...

there is something very familiar to me when I look into that little face! :) Lynn has been seeing it lately too!

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