Friday, March 6, 2015

friday favorites

I don't usually join in on link up parties, but I really enjoy checking out everyone's favorite things each week so I thought I'd join in :)

You can find all the link ups on Momfessionals page!

Oh gosh where to begin?!? I have so many favorite things.....

I'll start with a beloved cleaning tool {booorrring, but awesome!}:

This thing is great - I use it almost everyday! It's cordless. It's lightweight. It fits under the kitchen cabinets. It has a rechargeable battery. It has a strong suck {haha}. It doesn't use bags. 

Need I say more??? 

I wouldn't replace my Oreck {another love} with it, but it's perfect for the kitchen and mudroom! So much better than pulling out the broom and dust pan all the time!


I started watching on Netflix about a month ago and fell in love right away! Without having cable, TV watching can be pretty lame.  I'm always looking for a funny, sweet, not scary or intense show to watch when I'm home alone and this is perfect! :0) 

Ryan might not admit it....but he watches too and thinks it's pretty good! haha

International Delight SF Toasted Hazelnut Creamer

I tried this at my friend Jess' house the other week and fell completely in love! This stuff is 
Ah-mazing and definitely a new favorite! I usually just drink just one cup of coffee in the AM, but this has me always wanting more. 



This crazy cheap affordable chapstick is my favorite because it keeps my lips moist, without looking dull or lifeless. It keeps them soft and shiny :) Sometimes when I use other chapstick my lips end up blending in with my skin and since I have small lips to begin with, that's just not good 0:-)

I definitely buy the 3 pack and sprinkle them all over the, purse, diaper bag, other car, random pants pockets....

My parents got this book for Keaton as a Christmas gift and it quickly became one of his favorites! He smiles every time they start to read & listens through the entire story. It's one of my favorite things because I feel like it keeps my parents in Keaton's life, by "reading" to him, even though they aren't around. I was just on Hallmark's website and they have a bunch of different ones that look super cute!
Happy happy weekend!! Can't wait to see everyone's favorite things!

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