Sunday, March 15, 2015

life lately

We have been on project mode around our house. It's kind of incredible!

The playroom is all but finished! I'm working on the last big project this afternoon and then I'll reveal! I had no idea how good it would feel to have that space done!

One of the things I've been working on are these magnetic fabric letters...
I'm kinda wild about how they turned out! haha I had some extra materials and made a set of numbers too. You'll see those during the playroom reveal :)

Another project we finished up is our fireplace hearth. It's stone and was just asking for Keaton to knock his head on. While we know we can't pad our entire house to keep Keaton safe, we thought covering the stone might be nice ;0) 

Ryan built the frame and attached thick pieces of foam. I stapled on fabric. It was a pain and is far from perfect, but will work for now!!
Mr. K has been getting into almost everything. It's fun watching him explore the house and discover new things.

Sometimes I'll find him just sitting and playing nicely {he actually does this a lot!}....
And other times he's making himself at home in the pantry. Right now he's particularly a fan of standing up at the toilet in the powder room. Cough. Gag. It's SO gross. haha
He's a funny little guy and has been in the BEST mood recently! He smiles and laughs all the time! Sometimes I find him just smiling at the wall :)

He likes to pull himself up around the house {see about the toilet above}....
And eat. He really likes to eat.
The weekend is almost over, but we have a few more days with Ryan before he goes back to work! yay!
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Courtney said...

I love your fabric letters! Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make them?

Erin and Ryan said...

Thanks! Honestly, I just googled "fabric magnetic letters" and a few different tutorials came up. I read through them and kind of combined them all. My suggestion would be to get super strong magnets! I tried the flat sticky ones and they didn't work well at all. I ended up using really thick round ones and although they were tricky to sew around, are amazing! Here are a few specifics on the ones I made: I used Franklin Gothic Heavy font {I liked how wide it was}. I used iron on cotton batting between my scrap fabric & white felt to keep from having an additional layer that needed pinned. I hope that helps! Keaton loves to pull them off the whiteboard and thinks it's hilarious when I toss them to the board and they stick {thank you strong magnets!} :)

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