Tuesday, March 17, 2015

the playroom

It's finished! The playroom we've been talking about getting set up for Keaton is finally done!

If I would have know how good it felt to get that space painted and finished up, I would have done it a long time ago. This room started as our living room....
And then quickly became a dark hole for anything we didn't know what to do with. It was filled with so.much.stuff. It took probably a month to clean out. The highlight was probably when our old {but not really old just a piece of junk} fridge died and then got put in there for a few weeks before we threw it out :) There's no ceiling light and it was seriously a dark hole.

But look at it now! haha I love this space for K-man and our future kiddos!

This is what you see from the foyer/as you walk into the room. The space isn't ginormous, but plenty big enough for little kiddos. I imagine soon we'll be moving the recliner and replacing it with a train table ;0)

I wanted something simple for the empty wall, so I had Ryan cut a board into squares {9.5" x  9.5"} and then used my silhouette to make vinyl letters so they looked like scrabble tiles!
I've wanted to make these for the longest time, so it was good to finally see this project complete!  
I made the covers for all of the floor pillows to add a little color to the room! The pillows are from a sofa set we bought a few years ago & never quite went with our decor. They've been sitting in a pile in our craft room for probably over a year just waiting for me to make covers. It was actually a lot easier than I thought and because I felt particularly crafty, I added ball fringe to 2 of them :)

This is the other side of the room - looking out into the foyer. Keaton doesn't watch TV right now, but I'm glad Ryan mounted one so down the road K-man can watch movies or shows. Sometimes in the morning I watch The Today Show while I drink my coffee & Keaton plays 0:-)

I made some numbers to add to the alphabet :) Keaton loves to pull them off the whiteboard and thought it was hilarious the other day when I tossed the letters over his head and they stuck to the board!
On the other side of the doorway we put up these little bookshelves {aka Ikea spice racks}, which I've also had for years! I had some extra yellow chalk paint from another project and so I brightened them up! Keaton loves to read and I've already found him many times pulling all the books off these and just sitting and flipping through the pages! Or chewing the corners. 
And finally....between the 2 windows facing the front of our house {which I love because I can see what's going on in the neighborhood!}, I have this awesome canvas I found at Hobby Lobby and a Target library cart. I just thought the cart was cool and a little different. 
And that's it! It's simple and bright! I'm sure the space will evolve and change a lot over the next few months and years, but for right now it's perfect! Who wants to come play?? :)

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