Wednesday, February 4, 2015

my little swimmer

We've been beating the cold winter blues over here with some splashin' in the pool!

Keaton thinks getting in his bathing suit in the middle of winter is FUN!
Ryan is giving me his best GQ model pose here {he was excited :)!}
  This week it was Ryan's turn to get in with K-man, so I got to take a few pictures! They were all from kinda far away and with my phone so the quality isn't so good, but you get the idea!

Headed over to the deep end! 
Yes, Ryan is holding Keaton right. It looks awkward {and is!} and uncomfortable, but the babies don't seem to mind being drug across the water by their shoulders! 
Good catch buddy!
They did lots of other fun things like....splashing! Going under! And kicking across the pool! Ya know, typical swim class stuff ;0)

The big alligator slide was last....
 And I think Keaton's face here sums it up pretty nicely - "seriously Dad?!"
I'm not going to be that Mom and say we have the next Michael Phelps on our hands but...

I think he might be the next Michael Phelps! Strong kicker this one!

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