Monday, February 9, 2015

the weekend at our house

Because of Ryan's funky shift work schedule, we don't really have "weekends" around here, but since it was just Friday, Saturday, & Sunday we'll call it that :)

We had a great weekend!

Friday morning I spent with these 2 little dudes!
If you could see their faces I bet you'd definitely agree that they are c.u.t.i.e.s.....that also happen to say the most hilarious things! Ryan stopped by with Keaton for a bit then headed to Home Depot to pick up some paint. I headed to the mall for some alone Mommy shopping. 

Of course, I only bought clothes for Keaton ;0) 

I missed my guys though, so Friday night we stayed in and had pizza. 

Saturday morning we were back in the pool! I brought my big camera this time!
Keaton had skipped his morning nap and we weren't sure how he'd do, but he kept it together pretty well.

 Saturday afternoon Keaton slept, Ryan painted, and I went to crazy city the grocery store. 

Some afternoon/evening baking, more painting for Ryan, and a cranky little over tired Keaton rounded out our day! 

OH! And some of this....

He likes to stand now. Oh vey.

Sunday we had church, small group, and some light chores at home. A few stories ended the day and we called it a super successful weekend ;0) 
 Have a great week everyone!!

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