Monday, January 5, 2015

christmas in New Jersery

I'm still writing/thinking about Christmas over here :)

The day after Christmas we headed to New Jersey to spend 3 days with Ryan's family. His parents moved to a new home just a few months earlier {after being in their previous one for over 30 years!!} so it was Ryan's "first" Christmas in his parents new home.

Keaton travels well and this trip was no exception! He slept great in his pack n' play and loved being around his family! He's getting a little better as far as his stranger anxiety goes, so that was good.

Ready to open some presents! 
Christmas is SO much fun :)

Especially all that tissue paper. This boy loved the tissue paper! haha Who needs the gifts?!?
 K-Man wasn't the only one who got awesome presents - we were spoiled too! I think Ryan has enough tools in his collection to build an entire house now {but what do I know ;0) }
The next day Keaton's cousin came over to play for a bit before the other Harris families arrived :)
I sent this picture to my sister and she said "they look like brothers!" and they kind of are! Since their Daddy's are identical twins - they're half brothers. 
Later that day the crowd started to grow....
More kids! More presents! More excitement!
 We had a delicious Christmas dinner all together and then cousins exchanged gifts!! Lots of energy in this room :)
 And you'll be relieved to know that Keaton kept with his usual gift opening strategy...
Each year the Harris family Christmas seems to grow by one! How big will we be next year?? Only time will tell :)
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