Wednesday, January 7, 2015

family room switcheroo

Whenever Christmas decorations come down around our house I feel the need to freshen up, rearrange furniture, re-decorate....take your pick :) 

This year was a little different, because I really wanted to make a nice space for Keaton's toys and lots of play area. We definitely have the space in our family room, we just needed to do some rearranging and max it out! 

Here is the old set up....
And the new! 

I took these pics in the AM before the sun came up all the lighting isn't the best.  Ryan ran a cable to the wall between the 2 windows Sunday afternoon. According to him it "took less time than planned. That never happens! I'm a GENIUS!!" 


Yes, my hubby is in fact a genius...and very humble ;0) In all honesty though, I was impressed!
 I wasn't sure about having the sofas kind of lined up along the wall, but I think it will work well for us right now! If we have company over, we can always angle the one a little more to have more of conversation seating. 

The entire space just feels more open to the kitchen and eating area {where we are all the time}, as opposed to the foyer and stair area. 
I'm also loving this little toy cubby. We have a room that will soon be the official playroom, but let's be honest, there will definitely be toys all over the house and it'll be nice to have a place for all the little items in the family room!
I just love love love seeing all these toys in our home! It's starting to get fun around here :) :) 

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