Friday, January 2, 2015

christmas at OUR house

What's more exciting than the first Christmas with your child?

Exactly. Nothing. 

I will be 100% honest here and say....I had a hard time sleeping 0:-) I kid you not. 

The fact that Ryan would be home in the morning for a long weekend didn't hurt either! K and I just love having Ryan home! He's a great Daddy and huge help to me :) 

Keaton and I first thing in the morning! I only told him it was Christmas morning 100x by this point. HAHA
Since Ryan worked through the night, he slept until noon and then we opened presents. Keaton went down for a nap around 11:30 and I rushed around like a crazy woman getting the presents set up {that took all of 2 minutes} and brunch prepared. I wanted everything to be ready and waiting for my guys! 

Stockings filled, presents set up, and one giant blue stuffed rhino waiting....
We just pretended like it was Christmas morning when K got up :) He was already downstairs the entire morning playing, but here we are coming down around 12:30 for the "first" time. 

My face. I can't even handle it. 
I would have chosen another pic where I looked less crazed, but my face looks like this in ALL of the pics. HAHA.
Checkin' out his goodies :)
 Blue rhino was a hit!
Ryan is so funny because he plays with each present after it gets opened. 
New puzzle? Let's do it.
 A new book? Let's read it :)
When you have little chubby fingers and a Momma that uses lots of tape, you do what you have to.
Funny story....
Growing up my family always opened their stockings first, before gifts. When we sat down Ryan grabbed a gift to help K unwrap and I was SO CONFUSED. It totally threw me off my Christmas rhythm. 

What in the world was Ryan doing?! What about the stocking??

It took me all of Keaton's presents and then a few more minutes for it to click :) Maybe a new tradition for me; stockings last.
 After we opened gifts, we did another Harris tradition and had brunch! Bacon, cream cheese stuffed monkey bread { SO good}, and eggs.
We spent the rest of the day in our pajamas and lounged - it was an awesome day! 
Here's to a fabulous 1st Christmas with my little family of THREE!!

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