Tuesday, November 4, 2014

sitting up

At 6 months, Keaton has really started sitting up a lot more on his own!
He's still wobbly and has taken a few face dives, but unless he's super tired can sit solo for 15 minutes or more!
 Of course, I'm always right there to "catch!"
And, as always, there's Phinley close by. Phinley likes to be close enough so he can lick, but doesn't like being touched. It's a hard balance only he can control. 
K-man has also taken a few rides in the shopping cart! The Costco cart is extra big {kinda like this bear, but not really} and it worked out extra well because I could fit the entire diaper bag on one side and give a little added support.
It's fun riding in the cart - you get to see a lot and make new friends. Namely, this huge stuffed rhino! {I'm pretty sure K needs this for Christmas....hint hint Grandparents ;) }
The grocery store cart wasn't quite big enough for my diaper bag, but still too big for Keaton. Sooooo.....napkins for the win! 
I just love my little sittin' buddy :)

 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png

1 comment:

Chelley N said...

ACK! He is SO cute. The hat in the first photo is too much!

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