Sunday, November 2, 2014

a brighter future room :) 

We got new windows in our house! 

Yes, our house is relatively new. 
Yes, this one time I cleaned all our windows and said I'd never want more. 
Yes, I love our new ones!

When we first picked out the plans for our home and made some upgrades, adding windows to our living room and powder room weren't really in our radar. A few years later, we realized that was silly of us.

We have an empty lot on that side of our house and it will stay empty {thanks to a big slope/cliff} so all that's over there are beautiful trees and a creek! 

The more Ryan and I talked, the more we thought it would be awesome to have the bright sunlight come in that side of our house, not to mention enjoy the fabulous view :) We've actually talked about adding them for over a year. Of all the house projects we thought about doing that one kept coming up. Ryan thought maybe he would try to install them on his own, but yeah no. HA. He's good and could have definitely done it, but we splurged and hired a professional. 

After a week, the installation was complete! We just love the windows and all the light that shines in!!

And now for some pictures! Note the cute little baby chillin' on the floor ;)

The powder room {why are bathrooms always so hard to take pictures of??}...

As Ryan put it to eloquently the other day, "now I can look out the window while I poop!"
It's the little things :) haha

LOVE the light coming into the hallway! 

I never take anything we do like this lightly. It's a big deal and I'm SO grateful we were able to do it! In just a few more weeks the leaves will all be gone and we'll be able to watch the creek :) 

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the new windows!!! I am huge on natural light and our old house was so dark. Our new place has so many windows and light pouring in everywhere...sometimes I just sit on the floor and sunbathe in the light!

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