Wednesday, October 1, 2014

mommy's lil' pumpkin

It's October!! 

Mommy and her Lil' Pumpkin are ready for cool weather, colorful leaves, and pumpkins!!

Isn't this shirt too much?? BAHAHA. He looks like a little chunk wearing it! His Aunt Emily got it for him last Christmas and thankfully I pulled it out and washed it before he was too big! It's 9 months size, so I thought we had a few more weeks! Kids clothes are so weird. I'm learning.....bottom line: just look at the item, don't bother checking the size!
And then there's this hat, which I can't even handle. 
He loved riding in his stroller like a big boy up to our local farmer's market on Saturday!
  Sweetest little pumpkin e.v.e.r.
Happy Fall Ya'll!!
More cute hats to come.... ;0)

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