Wednesday, September 24, 2014

keaton mark - 5 months

Keaton Mark you are 5 months old today!

If these months continue to go by at warp speed you'll be in tomorrow. 

That's why we enjoy each and every day with you, Little Man! We CHERISH our time at home with you!

 It's hard to have a bad day when we get smiles like this all.the.time.
Your smiles always always make me feel good. With a quick flash of those gums and that little tongue{!!} my whole day instantly gets better :) Okay fine....a glimpse of your toes, fingers, peach fuzz, button nose....they all make my day better!
Just last night, Daddy and I were talking about how, more than anything, we want you to love and follow Jesus. We know that the happiness you have in your sweet little body can only come from our God - we thank Him daily for you!
 Keaton, you seem to learn something new every day. It's so neat to watch you discover things! Your hands are still your favorite "toy" - you're always snacking on them. We just bought you a slew of new teethers to's still a toss up on which is your favorite.

Your personality is really starting to shine and you interact with us a lot more, which is really fun!
Daddy makes you laugh like no one else and you have started to snuggle with me more when you get tired. You smile SO big when one of us comes into the room :) You have also started to watch us like a little hawk while we're eating....won't be long before we break out some baby food for you! I have a feeling you're going to gobble it up!
Keaton, having you has taught me a new dimension of love. It's hard to imagine Christ loving us more than I love you, but He does. His grace is an amazing gift we get each and everyday - oh how I pray for Him to grow in your heart!


Fun Facts: 5 Months:
*Weighs : around 17lbs
*Length : around 26.5"
*Sleeps 12.5 hours a night {6:30pm - 7am}
*Wears size 2 diaper
*Wears 3-6 month clothes & 6-9 month jammies
*Tucks left hand under body to sleep {it's the cutest thing}
*Head tilts to left still {getting PT for this}
*Enjoys all things musical
*Likes to dance
*Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus
*Almost always falls asleep in the car
*Gets impatient when getting jammies on before just want to sleep!
*Nurses 7x a day, every 2-2.5hrs
*Takes 45min naps in crib
*Loves being outside and watching the leaves move in the trees
*Kicks up a storm in the tub!!
*Watches Phinley and reaches to grab his fur!

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